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Live Longer and Stronger

The US Census Bureau estimates that there over 80,000 centenarians living in the United States today. Statistics show that women usually live longer than men. The truth is, your body has the genetic potential to live to 100 and beyond. Being prepared to age gracefully, healthfully and successfully has never been more important than now. Every day we are faced with choices that contribute to our quality of life both now and in the future.

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Stopped Chasing Symptoms

Isn't it time you stopped chasing symptoms? These signals that you get from your body are frequently misunderstood. More importantly, treating symptoms without getting to the cause of a problem can lead to mismanagement of your health and more severe health problems as you age.

When you get sick, for example, and your temperature goes up, your body is naturally fighting off the infection. Bacteria thrive in a climate that is 98.

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Side Effects or Direct Effects of Medication

The most common question that individuals ask before they ever take a prescription drug is, "What are the side effects?" Before you pop another pill, you must understand how medication side effects directly affect your body today and in years to come.

Medications are tested in a laboratory until the chemical reaction that they are designed to achieve is reproducible. The direct effects of this lab testing must be consistent before these chemicals are ever tested on animals or people.

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